Highlights of President Xi Jinping's remarks on fighting COVID-19 II

In the past eight months and more, our Party has led the Chinese people in fighting a fierce battle against COVID-19, and we have passed a tough historical test. Thanks to our enormous efforts, we have made a major strategic achievement in fighting the virus and created a remarkable feat in humankind's struggle against diseases.

This struggle against COVID-19 epitomizes China's character, strength and responsibility.

The medical workers are angels and our dearest ones in this new era. Their names and contribution will forever be remembered by our country, by the people and by history. They will go down as heroes in the annals of the People's Republic.

China is the first major economy to recover since the onslaught of COVID-19, and it leads the world in both COVID-19 response and economic recovery. All this fully demonstrates China's great resilience and vitality.

Those who rose to the occasion with courage are not heaven-sent heroes; they are just those who are among us.

We Chinese have fought this life-and-death battle against COVID-19 with tenacity and fortitude; we will not stop until victory is won. We have forged a great spirit of putting life above everything else, rallying the whole nation, braving danger, respecting science and safeguarding our shared future.

We will pay any price to protect people's life and safety.

Our people across the country closed ranks and were united as one. We knew what was at stake: the well-being of every one of us, the honor of us as a community and the security of our country. Doctors and nurses in white coat, military personnel in green uniform, police officers in blue gear and volunteers wearing red waistcoat all pitched in, and Party members rushed to the epicenter. Their pledge to keep fighting until the job was done is heart-stirring.

Undaunted, we Chinese have confronted the raging virus head on in the spirit of going into the mountains well aware that tigers are roaming. Together, we have written a moving epic of fighting the virus.

Our Chinese nation has gone through many trials and tribulations, but each time we have emerged stronger. This is not because any savior has rescued us, but because hundreds of millions of ordinary Chinese have stepped forward to fight when disaster strikes.

When the epidemic struck, the Party Central Committee immediately called on all Party members to rush to the front line, shoulder their responsibility, and keep the Party flag flying high in the fight against COVID-19.

For centuries, we Chinese have been known for our tenacity, unity, resilience and creativity. We are all proud to be called Chinese.

In fighting COVID-19, we the 1.4 billion Chinese have acted with a strong sense of responsibility, discipline, dedication and mutual support, thus creating a powerful defense of unity and solidarity against the virus.

We must not risk losing the hard-won gains in our COVID-19 response.

We must make up for the lost time and overcome the damage caused by COVID-19.

Those who refuse to take the easy path will succeed; those who meet challenges head on will prevail.

A nation is great because it never yields, wavers or balks in the face of any difficulty or risk; it is because it keeps fighting for a bright future against all odds.

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