Vanua'aku Pati and the Communist Party of China Held a Virtual Seminar on Deepening Cooperation and Seeking Development
2020-12-15 08:08

On December 14, Vanua'aku Pati (VP) and the Communist Party of China (CPC) held a virtual seminar with the theme "Deepening Cooperation and Seeking Development".

Hon. Bob Loughman, President of VP and Prime Minister of Vanuatu led the VP delegation. He was joined by Hon. J Koanapo Nies Rasou, Interim Secretary General of VP and Minister of Finance and Economic, Hon. Esmon Saemon, Second Vice President of VP and Minister of Justice, MP Kenneth Natapei, MP Wesly Rasu, MP John Mark and MP Edward Nalyal, Second Deputy Speaker of Vanuatu Parliament. H.E. Song Tao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC) led the CPC delegation. H.E. Guo Yezhou, Vice Minister of IDCPC and H.E. Zhou Haicheng, Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu and Executive Deputy Mayor Liu Qingsheng of Shenzhen City, China's Guangdong Province were present.

On behalf of VP, Hon. Loughman commended the exceptional progress and commitment of the global community and key players such as China and the United Nations in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. He congratulated the Government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the CPC for strong state and party collaboration and development which, he commented, has not only been beneficial for the people of China, but for the rest of the world including Vanuatu. This success is something which Vanua' aku Pati looks forward to learning from and emulating, he added. He commended the exemplary leadership by President Xi Jinping who is General Secretary of the CPC for the strength, compassion and resolve, especially in recent times and since the COVID-19 outbreak, spearheading preparedness, response and recovery.

Hon. Loughman said, Vanuatu notes the significant points under the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee which outlines CPC recommendations for China's new development plan, and a 15-Year Roadmap for China's modernization and the inherently successful project of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which Vanuatu aspires to model and emulate domestically. "The Vanua'aku Pati on the one hand, remains committed to working closely with the CPC, in 'building a community with a shared future for mankind where no one is left behind.'" "Vanua'aku Pati aspires to learn from the CPC's strong leadership dynamics in state governance and party administration in seeking quality development and common prosperity for Ni-Vanuatu, and in promoting practical cooperation between China and Vanuatu."

Hon. Loughman reiterated gratitude to the PRC for its continued assistance with Vanuatu's development needs and priorities over the years, and under the auspicious Belt and Road Initiative. He also acknowledged China's support towards Vanuatu's COVID-19 preparedness and response and ongoing collaboration in social-economic recovery. "Vanuatu Government remains supportive of regional coordination and multilateral action, supported by the UN system, welcome the opportunity to further engage with the PRC in this space, and as incoming Chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, which is headquartered in Port Vila." "Vanuatu Government looks forward to working closely with the Government and people of PRC for mutual benefits, strengthening existing mechanisms for collective way forward in COVID-19 response and social-economic recovery, deepening cooperation and seeking new practical development pathways. "

H.E. Song Tao introduced the spirit and important contents of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. He said that COVID-19 is intertwined with major changes unfolding in the world, something unseen in a century. As developing countries, both China and Vanuatu are exploring independent development paths that suit their own national realities, so it is of great significance for the two sides to share governance experience. China will strengthen solidarity and cooperation with Vanuatu and other developing countries, adhere to multilateralism and the principle of seeking shared benefits through extensive consultation and joint contribution, actively participate in the reform and development of the global governance system, and jointly address the impact of climate change and environmental challenges, he said. "Next year, CPC and VP will celebrate the 100th and 50th anniversaries of their founding respectively. CPC stands ready to take this opportunity to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two parties, deepen mutual learning and exchange, and promote practical cooperation between the two countries in various fields within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative to facilitate long-term, healthy and stable development of China-Vanuatu relations and bring more benefits to the two peoples", he added.

Vice Minister Guo Yezhou shared the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and its adopted recommendations for China's new development plan. He said that the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee will not only inject new impetus into China's development, but also provide more development opportunities for Vanuatu and other countries in the world.

During the seminar, Hon. Koanapo shared Vanuatu's policy priorities and vision for cooperation with China. Executive Deputy Mayor Liu shared China's experience in building Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, one of the first special economic zones in China.

In his closing remarks, Ambassador Zhou expressed congratulations on the fruitful outcomes of the virtual seminar. He pointed out that the seminar demonstrates the strong relations and deep friendship between the two parties and two countries, provided a valuable platform for sharing governance philosophies, priorities and experience, and opened new horizons for more in-depth and extensive pragmatic cooperation between the two sides. "I am confident that with joint efforts, the China-Vanuatu comprehensive strategic partnership will develop from strength to strength", he concluded.